Keys to a Great Shave – Part I

Keys to a Great Shave – Part I

The dreaded male ritual … shaving. For any man that does not possess perfect facial skin and beard growth (and that is most of us!) it can be a frustrating experience: nicks, cuts, razor burn and a host of other unpleasantries.

You’re only doing your skin a disservice by not applying the right skincare treatments, especially when it comes to shaving. Knowing what’s good and bad for your mug will only guide, better still, glide you on the right path to a flawless shave.

Shaving creams quickly dry out the skin and tend to be full of chemicals. Shaving gels are the more effective grooming solution and do a vastly superior job at lifting whiskers off the face. Besides moisturising and sanitising skin, gels facilitate the shaving experience in numerous ways:

  • Faster hair removal: softens skin, making it easier to raise and remove whiskers.
  • Glide action: the blades run more smoothly across your face.
  • Less application: more effective when applied in smaller amounts - creams require a heavy amount of volume  
  • Transparency: much easier to see the blades from the razor passing over your skin.
  • Skin protection: a layer is created between blade and skin. This shields it from cuts, nicks and razor burn.

Maximum Care. Precision Shave Gel

Christian Acuña Precision Shave Gel is a high-performance product. It creates a comforting lather that precisely moulds to the face to lock in hydration and cushion it from blade slips. It also creates a cooling sensation which minimises razor burn and makes for an irritation-free feel.

This is a highly concentrated formulation: just one pump from the handy pump-action bottle is enough to create a thin layer for a sleek shaving experience, but any guy sporting grizzlier growth can use a little extra to ensure no strand goes unmoistened. Precision Shave Gel delivers flawless razor action to help reach difficult spots with accuracy, which also makes it a must for manscaping.

The lather is subtle yet remarkably efficient, and the addition of Castor Oil gives the gel the perfect consistency to operate a razor nicely. Foam fans take note: if you want foam, simply use a wet shaving brush and the gel transforms into a velvety foam with a slick feel.

As with all cosmetic products, a shaving gel is only as good as its ingredients. No nasty chemicals or aerosols here. A rich, nourishing mixture of Oak Bark, Kakadu Plum and Allantoine provides natural healing properties and protects skin against environmental pollutants. The inclusion of organic Witch Hazel, useful for reducing pore size, helps control acne outbreaks and the production of excess sebum. Natural ingredients like Licorice Root and Comfrey reduce dermal discomfort and relax the face. Aloe, Lemon extract and Cucumber act as a cooling agent for the skin and satisfy pores with a refreshing tingle. With its gentle citrus aroma, it makes for one of the cleanest, smoothest and most hydrating shaving experiences.

Precision Shave Gel comes attractively packaged in a glass pump-pack. It’s practical and the bottle stays clean, and the metered pump action ensures it will last and last. Economical yet luxurious. It’s the only selection for males seeking a remarkable shave.

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