Welcome to the pristine world of Christian Acuña skin care.

Indigenous people have known the unique healing properties of Australia’s flora for millennia. Christian has tapped into this innate understanding and developed his own line of organic Australian skin care products. The result is a luxurious skin care range that uses only the finest, safest and most pristine ingredients. Christian is confident your skin will appreciate the difference of using pure ingredients gently extracted from Mother Earth.

As we increasingly turn to natural and organic alternatives when shopping for groceries and cleaning products it makes sense that we should be just as considerate when choosing skin care products. Most skincare products, including high-end and supermarket brands, contain ingredients that can be detrimental to health and wellbeing. Because our skin and hair absorb whatever we apply to it, it is vital to pay close attention to the ingredients.

Christian Acuña has personally developed a range of skin care products that are made using only organic ingredients; there are no petrochemicals, synthetics or other harmful additives. The powerful antioxidant ingredients found in Christian Acuña products are of the highest quality: they come from environmentally sustainable sources and have been selected for their purity, potency and therapeutic benefit.

At Christian Acuña Skincare all our ingredients are delivered in the purest form possible, therefore our formulations retain their natural aroma, texture and colour. We utilize certified organic oils and raw materials, cold-pressed and naturally extracted. Regular use of our products will leave your skin looking healthy, hydrated and luminous. Due to the inclusion of all-organic ingredients you are less likely to experience any adverse reaction or discomfort to your skin.

Please note that subtle seasonal variations may occur with our products. As they are freshly created on a weekly basis there is likely to be some subtle variation between batches. Rather than attempting to manipulate nature, at Christian Acuña Skincare we embrace nature’s idiosyncrasies as an inherent feature of our product preparation.

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