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Christian Acuña – Australian Organic Skincare Products – Naturally Inspired.

Christian Acuña – Australian Organic Skincare Products – Naturally Inspired.

Located in Narwee, (meaning sun) NSW, we take our inspiration from the traditional owners of the land. The Indigenous people have known about the unique healing properties of Australia’s native flora for millennia. That is why, at Christian Acuña Skincare, we respect and we honour their innate understanding of the natural world through our line of organic Australian skincare products. The result is a luxurious skincare range that uses only the finest, safest and purest ingredients. We know that your skin will appreciate the difference of using pure ingredients gently extracted from Mother Earth.

Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free Organic Skincare for a More Natural Lifestyle

In line with our commitment to sustainability, Christian Acuña face and body care products are independently certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free. We believe that as we turn increasingly in our daily lives to natural and organic alternatives when shopping for groceries and cleaning products, it makes sense that we should be just as considerate when choosing our skincare products. Most skincare products available today, including most luxury and supermarket brands, contain ingredients that can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Because our skin and hair absorb whatever we apply to them, we feel that it is vital to pay close attention to the ingredients we use.

Biophotonic Glass for Maximum Natural Efficacy

We take the same approach with our packaging as we do with our products. We use the optimum form of packaging available. Our trademark violet glass protects our formulations by filtering out harmful UV rays. The Biophotonic glass protects Christian Acuña formulations from degradation and ensures you benefit from the maximum product efficacy over time.

Pure, All-Organic, Botanical Ingredients for Healthy Skin

All Christian Acuña Skincare formulations contain potent, bioactive, cellular extracts from native Australian flora. We receive all of our ingredients in the purest form possible, so our products retain their natural aroma, texture and colour. We use only cold-pressed and naturally extracted, certified organic oils and raw materials. Using our products regularly will leave your skin looking healthy, hydrated and luminous. The purity of the all-organic ingredients we use ensure you are unlikely to experience any adverse skin reactions or discomfort.Our optimised delivery systems and supercritical extractions combined with bioactive botanical ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants are specifically curated for your skin type or concern and assures that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sustainably Sourced Natural Skin Care Formulas

At Christian Acuña Skincare, we believe that rather than attempting to manipulate nature, we should embrace its idiosyncrasy as an inherent feature of our product preparation. Because we sustainably and naturally source all of our products, there may be subtle seasonal variations to our formulations. We create everything fresh in small weekly batches using the finest ingredients.

We specifically curate our products for your skin type or condition using our unique optimised delivery systems and supercritical extraction techniques combined with our formulations of bioactive botanical ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

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