Keys to a Great Shave – Part II

Keys to a Great Shave – Part II

Our male clients range from their twenties to their seventies, and tender post-shave skin is something they all desire. The vigorous, slap-it-all-over school of aftershave immortalised in the 1960s is long gone. Many of today’s men are opting for the gentler version: an aftershave balm or lotion. It’s as soothing as it sounds and definitely the way to go. These products have moisturising benefits and tend to suit every skin type.

Splendid post-shave spell. Aftershave Balm

Christian Acuña splendid post-shave spell soothes the face, tones skin and wards off irritation after dragging that nasty sharp razor across your face.

Its gentle alcohol-free formula ensures it works beautifully for all skin types – no more stinging cheeks! It kills bacteria and prevents infections resulting from shaving nicks and can help resolve common shaving problems like rash, itching, redness and burning. 

Splendid post-shave spell has an attractive light citrus aroma with a woody base note of cedar and vetiver. It’s subtle yet long-lasting. No sickly aftershave aromas here. People will actually want to ride the work elevator with you.

Splendid post-shave spell is transparent and has a gel-like consistency. Best used in tandem with our Precision shaving gel, it is easy to apply, quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no residue. It will never leave your face feeling dry or oily. 

This formulation is kind to sensitive skin; a chamomile base combined with carefully selected botanical oils makes shaving an experience you can actually look forward to. Clients love the sleek, understated bottles. They look good in the bathroom: cylindrical, solid, masculine.

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