Benefits of using an anti-ageing eye cream

Benefits of using an anti-ageing eye cream

Bags under the eyes ... shadowy eyes … puffy eyes …

This unappealing look is not easy to treat. From ritual ice-water immersions to cucumber peels, nothing seems to truly help persistent peeper puffiness. Until now.

From the Christian Acuña Skincare range comes Age-delaying Eye Balm - a star is born! We believe it is the best anti-ageing eye product on the market. Within one hour of application this balm dramatically smoothes the skin around the eyes. It provides a physical tightening effect that is intense, immediate and lasts for hours.

The skin around the eye is thin and extremely delicate; it is predisposed to damage from the elements. The orbital area is far more susceptible to wrinkles – all that smiling makes a lot of work for your facial muscles!

Christian Acuña Age-delaying Eye Balm promotes skin density. It fights wrinkles, stimulates collagen assembly and facilitates cell regeneration of the skin structure. With prolonged use eye puffiness will be a thing of the past and fine lines diminished. Age-delaying Eye Balm contains a myriad of nutrient-rich ingredients effective at the cellular level. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C and Vitamin K are augmented by Fibronectin and SPARC proteins. These proteins rebuild skin structure by creating a matrix-like cellular shield deep within the dermis.

One of the most remarkable ingredients is Apium Graveolens, derived from celery stem cells. It possesses highly effective rejuvenating qualities. Polyphenols and secondary metabolites also stimulate the skin’s ability to regenerate, while Shea Butter and a nourishing blend of Evening Primrose and Rosehip Oils make it sumptuous to apply. As with every Christian Acuña product, all our plant-based ingredients are sustainably sourced and certified organic.

For best results:

Like any Christian Acuña skincare product less is more. Only a tiny amount of this concentrated balm is needed for one application. Apply with the tip of your little finger. It smooths on beautifully and makes the skin feel moisturised and comfortable. The balm is instantly absorbed without leaving a trace on the skin’s surface.

If applied twice daily you will be delighted with the results. Your skin will feel more elastic and look less puffy. You will wake up every morning with your eyes feeling refreshed! 

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