This is why you need a facial scrub

This is why you need a facial scrub

Refining Exfoliator paste by Christian Acuña Skincare is a cream-based scrub which uses multi-sized organic scrubbing particles to create a unique exfoliation experience. No other facial scrub contains such a multitude of exfoliating beads, granules and powders. You will love the sensation of the different spherical granules cleansing your skin. Dead cells and skin debris will be no more!

The exfoliating power of Organic Bamboo and Rice powder is complemented by the hydrating and softening effects of pure Argan oil. The star ingredient is Rumex Occidentalis, a North American flower which inhibits tyrosinase activity and naturally lightens dark skin spots. It also reduces pigmentation and redness. Its alkaline qualities make it a great treatment for sensitive skin and those with rosacea and sun-damaged skin. This is augmented by Shea Butter, rich in unsaponifiables, which protects the skin and repairs damage caused by climatic aggression and UV radiation. 

We also incorporate ingredients known for their brightening and pigmentation removal such as our Wild Lime Harvest Extract, a bioactive complex composed of Caviar Lime, Desert Lime and Rainforest Lime. The combination of Basil, Orange and Lime gives a pleasant yet subtle aroma.

Our Refining Exfoliator paste removes sebum build-up from sweat glands and is non-comedogenic – it won’t clog your pores. As with every Christian Acuña product, this formulation is paraben and sulfate free and certified all-organic.

  • Why is an exfoliator such an important part of a skincare regime?

A good facial exfoliator enhances cellular regeneration by removing debris and impurities. It allows healthy cells to thrive and gives clarity and hydration to the skin. This allows nutritional ingredients from serums and moisturisers to penetrate deeper into the dermis.

It takes time to recognise the benefits of regular exfoliation. To notice visible improvements you need to use a face scrub for around twenty one days, twice a week.

  • How about its use in the shaving ritual?

For men with problem skin, facial exfoliation can be a hugely beneficial addition to the shaving ritual. It softens the skin and lifts facial hair to facilitate shaving. Your skin will be noticeably smoother and easier to shave. Hair follicles are hydrated with superior oils thus avoiding any kind of irritation. Use the Refining Exfoliator paste prior your shaving gel as part of your shaving ritual.

  • What other Christian Acuña products does Refining Exfoliator Paste work best with?

To add even more suppleness and glow to the skin apply our Detox Face Mask after exfoliation. Newly exfoliated skin will allow the mask to work to its full potential, delivering important nutrients to the skin and extracting deeper pollution and dead cells from the pores. This leaves skin tighter, cleaner and healthier.

  • Any tips about its application?

Apply the face scrub with wet hands all over the face but avoiding the immediate eye area. Work the product in circular motions, with light pressure. Leaving the product on the skin for 2-5 minutes increases the power of its anti-pigmentation qualities.

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