Christian Acuña on Sustainable Organic Skincare 

Christian Acuña on Sustainable Organic Skincare 

What does Sustainable Organic Skincare mean to you?

It is difficult to sift through the marketing claims of many skincare brands and figure out for yourself what is real and what is just hype.

Words like vegan, natural, sustainable and organic appear in advertising copy and on product labels everywhere you look. “Green” branding lines the shelves of every shop you enter. Major cosmetic manufacturers make eco-friendly claims to cash in on the knowledge that people want a better, more natural, way to achieve their skin care goals.

Unfortunately, many rarely deliver on their promises of organic, natural or sustainable skincare. This is because their goal is not to create the best natural skin care products, but to sell the most skincare products – usually to the detriment of both you and the environment around you. 

Most people don’t realize that very few cosmetics or skincare products are tested to determine whether the manufacturer’s claims about what goes into their organic skin crème or natural exfoliant are genuine. 

Unless the manufacturer makes a specific therapeutic claim, you need to take them at their word. You will never know what is being used in either the product itself or in its making.

There is no real regulation in most countries regarding the use of the words organic and natural and where that regulation does exist, it is the barest of guidelines. 

Basically, it is up to the social conscience of the brand, so you really do need to take the time to understand who you are dealing with and exactly what you are buying. Do your own research to identify the best organic skin care brands list for your needs.

Sustainable Organic skincare for your real needs

Sustainable and organic skincare are more than just buzzwords at Christian Acuña Skincare. Since the inception of the brand, these words are the key to our guiding principle – to create the best natural skincare products available for men and women. But, just as importantly, to do it in a way that benefits both our customers and the world we live in.

If a skincare product doesn’t address a real need it isn’t sustainable. 

It really is that simple.

We only put our name on an organic skincare product once it has proven it fulfils a genuine need - the kind of real need that we encounter daily our in our face-to-face skincare practice while we treat actual clients. 

It is this kind of hands-on experience that gives us practical insight and years of experience in recognising and treating people’s skincare issues. 

We have combined this first-hand experience with our research into natural and traditional skincare treatments. The result is our collection of Australian natural skincare products that blend modern technology with time-tested natural skincare knowledge.

All of our products have been meticulously formulated to provide you with a tangible result you can feel and see. Naturally.

What is a sustainable organic skincare product?

Sustainable agriculture is about farming today, without sacrificing tomorrow and that fits into our world view just fine.

Locally sourced sustainable skincare ingredients 

To us, sustainable skincare means our products are made from locally-sourced organic ingredients. We are always looking for reputable supply partners who will work with us to provide us with top-quality ingredients without compromising our standards.

For our all our products, from our organic face exfoliators and organic eye and lip care products to our organic moisturisers for oily skin, we choose to source the majority our ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn from Australian Aboriginal farmers based nearby in the Northern Territory and Victoria.

In this way, we support family farms and local communities without harming the land.

Sourcing locally also means a more direct supply. Our ingredients don’t have to travel the world. They are already here. With a lower carbon footprint, everybody wins.

Why is being organic so important?

Organic is a badly abused term, so let's be clear. When we say we make organic skincare products from natural plant extracts, we are just as concerned about how the plants are grown as we are the fact that they are plants.

This means pesticide-free ingredients grown using natural fertilisers and sustainable farming techniques. Only sustainably sourced organic and wildcrafted ingredients are acceptable.

Creating a sustainable organic skin serum or any other organic skincare product is about the whole process, from farm to face. You are exposed to enough synthetic chemicals just getting through your day, you certainly don’t need more as a part of your daily skincare ritual.

We avoid using synthetics and potentially damaging chemicals throughout the process. Natural skin care products should be just that, natural.

That means no parabens, phthalates, silicone, oxybenzone, synthetic perfumes, petrolatum, EDTA, DEA/TEA/MEA/ETA, PEGS, SLES, nanoparticles, heavy metals, BHA + BHT, triclosan, triclocarban, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, Teflon (PTFE), aluminium, plastic microbeads, carbon black, talc, unsustainably sourced mica or palm oil in any of our skincare products.  

We avoid all of those things the major manufactures don’t like to tell you they use. 

When we say all organic skincare we mean it 

Our products contain 95 to 100% organic ingredients by content. The 5% threshold is a result of natural ingredients undergoing chemical changes due to biological processes such as fermentation, distillation, and cold processing.

To us, organic skincare is a holistic philosophy, not an arbitrary certification.

Vegan and cruelty-free sustainable organic skincare for life

This should go without saying. 

Cruelty to animals is not a sustainable skincare practice. Animal testing and ingredients created from animal byproducts go against everything we stand for. 

There are so many effective plant-based ingredients around us in Australia that there is no need to use animal products anywhere in our line. We are lucky to have a wealth of traditional knowledge to draw inspiration from.

Beauty may always come at a cost, but some costs are just too high. We have too much respect for the planet and the life around us to believe otherwise. 

Sustainable organic skincare is in the packaging, not just the product

If you are serious about sustainability it doesn’t end with the product.

Using sustainable skincare packaging must be just as important as having a sustainable skincare product, or there would be little point to the exercise. The fact is that once you have finished with your organic shaving cream, the package remains. 

This is why we put as much thought into how we present our products as we do to what goes in them.

Zero-waste packaging is key to sustainable organic skincare.

Zero-waste sustainable packaging is our ultimate goal. We use recyclable glass instead of plastics and choose acid-free recycled papers for our labels. We have even found a vegan organic glue to fix them to the bottle. We continue to work closely with sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers to ensure our products have the least possible impact on the environment. 

We don’t put our organic skincare products in unnecessary boxes or use plastic wrapping and when we ship an order it comes in a recyclable box.   

For our more delicate skincare products, we use a special Biophotonic glass that shields them from UV light that could reduce their longevity. This ensures our products don’t contain preservatives that compromise their natural quality. 

Zero-waste packaging in a sustainable organic skincare product line is difficult to achieve, but the effort is worth it and we will get there one day. For now, we are proud that our biodegradable cosmetic packaging doesn’t stick around. 

If it doesn’t biodegrade, it can be recycled.  That’s what sustainable organic skincare is all about. We work constantly to become one of the top zero waste skincare brands in Australia.

Christian Acuña Skincare True Botanicals from Australia

At Christian Acuña Skincare we take pride in creating ethical skincare products. We take our inspiration from the land and feel that it is our responsibility to give back everywhere it is possible.

From using eco friendly packaging materials for the grooming products we make, to ensuring our natural ingredients are sustainably sourced, we want to provide you with products you can be proud to use in your daily grooming ritual.

Try our affordable sustainable skincare products that make a difference. Visit ChristianAcuñ for more information.   

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