When is the best time to apply your skincare?

When is the best time to apply your skincare?

When you grab your moisturiser, you have about 3 minutes each day for maximum impact. Can you guess when? Most men say morning or night, but do you know the exact point where your skincare will be most effective? Your skin is at its most absorbent the moment you step on the bathmat after a shower. Make sure you towel dry thoroughly to prevent the evaporation from drying out your skin. Then apply a small amount of product (depending on the concentration of your skincare) to the face and body. A good will help to keep water from your shower in your skin, making you look instantly fresh and awake.

Why This Works

Moisturiser goes in to the skin, taking all the beneficial ingredients with it. I work hard to make sure my active ingredients are carried as deep as possible. Deeper absorption means better, long term results achieved with a smaller amount of product. This is particularly relevant for men, our skin is different to women, it’s thicker, we spend more time outside. We need a much finer product to penetrate our skin properly and get results. I make sure I use ingredients with the smallest possible molecular structure, being meticulous about ingredients which I know will get down deep enough. The last thing you want is to miss out on the benefits of a product which just sits on the surface. I always recommend this timing tip, which is a daily way to help your skincare go even further. Getting the timing right locks in the moisture from your shower and also creates a barrier which keeps dirt and pollutants out for longer. It’s also a great way to take a few minutes to think and relax before starting your day.

Try It!

If you’re not doing this already, try it before getting dressed up to go out. Your skin will get boost for the night and you’ll be laying the foundation for great skin for years to come.

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